Changes UK

Case Study: Changes UK

Nate Case Study

Key Challenges:

• Keeping track of their data
• Managing paper records
• Keeping track of client information
• Demonstrating impact
• Measuring outcomes

Changes UK has been developing and delivering innovative, person-centred support for people seeking abstinent recovery from drugs and/or alcohol for the last 10 years. Their approach to recovery has been developed by service users and is peer led – in other words, people who have lived experience of achieving and maintaining recovery lead the way and provide the support that service users need. Changes UK required a solution that focused on their current and future needs; they found that solution in PSIAMS. Working with Changes UK we built a robust, secure CRM system that not only tracked their support and impact with clients, but also gave them the ability to manage their organisation in a different way.

Key Results:

• Transformed the way data is gathered & reported
• Data all in one place resulting in reduced paper
• Track clients and measure the difference made
• Automated workflows to speed up administration
• Connect the workforce across sites and mobile

“Throughout my career I have been involved in a fair few new system implementations and this has been by far the smoothest and most pleasant experience of them all. From the initial brief to the on-going delivery of PSIAMS the approach of the PSIAMS team has been very proactive; they came in and made sure they understood what we do as an organisation and what we wanted from a system. The approach they adopted enabled us to review our systems and end up with a much more streamlined way of doing things.”

Philip Farrell, Finance Manager, Changes UK