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Our system and approach rivals and surpasses current systems on the market place by price, experience and performance, as well as, through our unique way of working for staff and the organisation. Our creative solutions can give you the edge that puts you ahead of the game. With a range of creative options from case management, commercial and infrastructure support we can provide the best solution to you and your organisation. Find out how we can help you now or in the future…

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Data Management

Our system enables you put all your most important data in one place making it easier to maintain relationships, track progress and plan for the future, whether you are in the office or on the move.

Outcomes Measurement

Our unique “Social Triage” approach and way of working means we can help you train staff to record what’s important to demonstrate the difference you make and the impact you have with your clients and stakeholders.

Data Analysis

Using our instant real time reports means you can stay ahead of what’s happening across the organisation, but also start to build a picture of what the future trends look like; helping to future proof your organisations needs.

Training & Support

Our support starts the moment we first meet you, through to set up, training and ongoing support when you are up and running…we are with you all the way!

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“We’ve worked with many IT providers in the past and working with the PSIAMS team has been the first time we’ve had a positive experience – their approach is unique!”Suzanne Callen | CEO Summit House Support