Why choose PSIAMS for your organisation?

Tailored to the needs of your organisation…we work closely with staff to: understand how they work, map processes, simplify approaches and remove duplication. PSIAMS is user friendly with full training provided. PSIAMS can also be adapted to handle a variety of business processes including e-commerce and marketing communications.

PSIAMS places the person at the centre of the system…it tracks their journey with the organisation and (where agreed) with partner/referral agencies.

PSIAMS is a way of working…which means the organisation is delivering person centred services and outcomes.

PSIAMS is an innovation developed by and for the VCSE sector…we specialise in working with health and social care organisations and have an in-depth understanding of their needs, challenges and aspirations.
Our pricing is extremely competitive…because we know what you need as an organisation we can work with you to help you achieve your goals quicker and more cost effectively.

Data in the cloud…which means it’s mobile and multi-platform, providing secure access to the system wherever there is an internet connection. Data is stored on UK servers. We also have the capability to develop PSIAMS into an app.

Our unique Social Triage approach…measuring health and wellbeing outcomes for clients using a distanced travelled approach that tracks their progress in terms of social impact (the extent to which they are able to self-manage their condition/situation and identifying what support they need including external referral), social value (the cost of services/interventions accessed); and social capital (the extent to which they are contributing to their community) with visual dashboard analytics.

A collaborative infrastructure…to enable: referrals (internal and external), joint project working, file sharing, access to support and learning from other system users via instant chat, discussion forums, internal conversations within and between organisations

We use real feedback from existing customers…in order to improve our system and regularly incorporate customer suggestions into future developments.

PSIAMS is a surprisingly flexible, low cost solution for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Our PSIAMS CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / MIS (Management Information System) can provide you with data better intelligence, help you shape your future strategy and demonstrate your impact / Return on Investment, but how do you know if it’s time to consider the move to PSIAMS?

Download our checklist below to discover if you can benefit from PSIAMS: