How PSIAMS can make a difference to your organisation?

Our system and approach rivals and surpasses current systems on the market place by price, experience and performance, as well as, through our unique way of working for staff and the organisation.

PSIAMS is an intervention and outcomes cloud based system that has the whole person at its core; it uses a “social triage” approach to support moving people towards independence, whilst measuring Social Impact, Social Value and Social Capital.

PSIAMS provides a number of functions for stakeholders based on their needs, this includes:

  • Commissioners– looking to use a system to help demonstrate the value of their spend
  • Funders– looking to see the impact of their investment in an organisation
  • VCSE organisations – looking to capture rich data to demonstrate their outcomes
  • Front Line Staff wanting empower customers by identifying, tracking and resolve issues they may face
  • Customers – to help them take an interest in their own, family or community’s well being

PSIAMS is not just a measurement tool, but more about a way of working for organisations that need to support customer to grow or maintain independence. Our “Social Triage” process identifies the key issues of people with complex or multiple needs and helps support staff develop a co-produced Self-Management Plan; helping staff plan ways to resolve the issues face by the customer.

PSIAMS is different – designed to help staff work smarter with people, but also provide the necessary data for all stakeholders. PSIAMS is also designed for both small organisations looking for a low cost solution to their case management and demonstrating outcomes, through to larger organisations or partnerships looking to have a robust CRM/MIS system.

PSIAMS is a multifaceted system and way of working that has benefits for all stakeholders…

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